About us

Hello! My name is James and I live in the USA.

I was a paper planner addict and then I discovered digital planning and fell in love with it. I created a digital planner for my own use and that’s DigitalAgendaCo began back in 2019. Since then we’ve had lots of happy customers and our stickers amd planners.

Our goal is to inspire lifestyle and productivity planning with thoughtfully designed planners.

We create all-in-one digital planners, digital stickers and notebooks that help people organize all aspects of their lives and stay on track with their goals. With traditional Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pages, as well as several lifestyle planning sections like wellness, productivity, health, fitness and more, there truly is something for everyone!

Our Values

Inspire positive change

As a company, we hope to inspire more love, mindfulness and reflection. We believe that each individual, no matter their personal goals, has the potential to improve their lives for the better through the practice of intentional planning. If our products can help even a few people create positive change and feel more organized, we would consider that to be a great success.

Environmental sustainability

All of our products are digital which means we don’t contribute to deforestation like many traditional paper planners do. We also don’t produce any emissions that are generally related to packing and shipping products. Acting sustainably is something that we can all do together to help wildlife, air, water, and keep our earth beautiful for generations to come.

Be mindful

As a company, we know that our products will affect the lives of many different people from a range of diverse backgrounds. With this knowledge in mind, we design our products to be as accessible and useful for as many people as possible. We are committed to staying open minded and responding to customer feedback in a way that allows us to continually improve over time.

If you any questions you can contact me at TheDigitalAgendaCo@gmail.com